Urban planning

The perspective of urban development has been adopted as a planned development of a vast area comprising the city of Thiruvananthapuram and its suburbs. Thiruvananthapuram Corporation area serves as its center. The objective is comprehensive coordination and phased planning and implementation of interrelated – diverse development sectors with a 10 – 20 year future horizon.

Thiruvananthapuram Development Authority is an organization formed to fulfill this objective. At various stages, the Town Planning Department and several research institutes have formulated development perspectives in association with experts. They have been adapted from time to time and formulated into projects and many have been implemented and are being implemented.

The project proposals prepared by NADPAC and the studies undertaken by various agencies, institutions and individuals and the seminar proposals and issues organized by them should be considered in this context.

As part of urban planning, planned development is required in various sectors such as transport, industry, employment, housing, trade, public facilities, tourism, environment and sanitation.

Development Projects of 9th Plan Period

In the 9th Five Year Plan, as part of public planning, the project amount was included in the year 97-98, but the amount was not utilized. In the year 98-99, Rs 75,70,000 was earmarked for 14 projects but only Rs 21,97,722 was spent. It included 13 new projects except flood control. 1,25,000 was spent as allowance for traffic wardens.

Out of total 16 projects during the year 99-2000, 13 were over works and 3 were new projects. New projects included this year include modern development works at Shankhumukham beach, pay and use toilets, preparation of urban resource knowledge document etc. Rs 1,56,99,000 was included in the project allocation but only Rs 77,58,720 was spent. Rs 58,175 was spent on Parvati Puthanar cleaning and Rs 26,915 on Plamood Junction development.

1,22,76,671 has been spent on urban development during the 9th Five Year Plan.

Items completed in the field of urban planning

(1) Construction of Bus Bay, (2) Development of Medical College Junction. (3) Pattam Thanupillai – Gandhipark Renovation.

Partially completed items

Pre-Paid Auto System, Flood Relief, Road Development, Automatic Signal System, Construction of Red Kiln Market, Video Sensing, Traffic Signal System, Upgradation of Various Parks.

Following are some of the recommendations that can be implemented further in the 10th plan.

Ring roads

1. Veli – Ullur – Perurkada – Vattiurkav – Tirumala – Pappanamkot – Pachallur – NH Bypass 2. Kumarapuram – Pattam – Kavadiyar – Vashuthakkad, Thaikkad – Killipalam – Attakulangara-Airport

Kazhakootam is a growing center in the northern part of the city. With the presence of institutions like Technopark, Kingafra Apparel Park and Film City, massive changes are taking place in the area in terms of land use, transport, electrification and water supply. Kovalam and Vizhinjam areas have seen huge tourist projects and investments. Along with this, plans to upgrade Parvati Puthanaar and make it a part of the National Waterway and to develop both banks as part of the Coastal Path project have started to be implemented.

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