Social security

In the 9th five-year plan, the issues of women’s welfare and fishermen’s welfare were intended to be implemented with special consideration. A separate assessment was made regarding the social welfare sector in the development document of Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation.

Steps have been taken to strengthen the activities of the following organizations directly run by the Social Welfare Department and to provide the services of these organizations to a greater extent in the social welfare activities of the city.

Institutions run by Social Welfare Department

1.Abalamandiram, Thiruvananthapuram

It is an organization that works towards the protection and education of the helpless, orphaned and destitute girls of the society who have completed 13 years of age. 25 people are admitted. All expenses are borne by the government.

2.Aftercare Hostel, Mudavanmugal, Thiruvananthapuram

Abalamandiram, Rescuehome, etc. work for the protection and rehabilitation of evacuees. It has accommodation for 50 people. All expenses are borne by the government.

3.Vikalangasadanam for women, Panavila, Thiruvananthapuram

It works towards the welfare and rehabilitation of disabled and orphaned women above 16 years of age. It has accommodation for 25 people.

4. Institution for mentally challenged

It works towards the education, protection and welfare of mentally underdeveloped children. 50 children are admitted. This institution is located in Pangapara near the city border.

5.Carehome Chaka, Thiruvananthapuram

Vulnerable orphans, destitute, handicapped and released from prison orphans above 21 years of age are also protected. Disabled men and women above 55 years of age are also eligible. The entire cost is borne by the government.

6.Ashabhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram

Psychiatry-free, unprotected women above 55 years and men above 65 years are admitted.

Assistance programs

Assistance is given to the institutions which organize the following social welfare activities.

1. Orphanages

2. Found ling home

3. Old age homes

4. Almshouses

5. Children’s cottage

6. Adoption of orphan children

7. Working Women’s Hostels

8. Integrated Child Development Scheme, Day Care Centers and Crèches

Assistance to voluntary organizations by the Social Welfare Advisory Board

1. Financial assistance to organizations running nurseries, rehabilitation centres, libraries, women’s shelters, women’s hostels, vocational training centres, maternity centres, employment centers for the disabled and underprivileged.

2. Financial assistance for short education scheme for women between 16 to 30 years of age who are unable to complete their education due to financial hardship.

3. Scheme to provide employment and wages to women from low income families

A. Financial assistance to printing press, canteen, candle making, sanitary pad manufacturing, radio assembling, handicrafts centers, handloom centers and fisheries related occupations.

B. Financial assistance to purchase cow, sewing machines, knitting machines and start small business.

Nutrition program


Based on the activity report of CDS in the municipality, NHG (Neighbourhoods) also aimed to carry out welfare activities as far as possible through ADS – CDS activities as per resource availability.

Welfare Boards and Assistance Schemes


No 1 Kerala Textile Workers Welfare Fund Provident Fund, Medical Assistance, Housing, Education of Sons, Marriage of Daughters

2 Kerala Labor Welfare Fund Educational Grant for Children, Post-Death Assistance, Sickness Treatment, Self-Employment for Dependents, Welfare Centers

3 Kerala Laborers Welfare Fund Education Grant for Children, Marriage of Daughters, Death Expenses, Insurance, Group Insurance, Terminal Benefit, Housing

4 Kerala Motor Workers Welfare Fund Housing, medical, girl marriage, education and other loans

5 Kerala Handicraft Skilled Workers Welfare Fund Retirement benefit. Death Benefit, Marriage Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Education Benefit

6 Kerala Advocates Clerk Welfare Fund Retirement Benefit, Financial Assistance to Bereaved Families

7 Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Fund Pension, Home Loan, Medical Treatment, Children’s Education, Children’s Marriage, Death Benefit

8 Kerala Construction Workers Welfare Fund Pension, Accident Grant, Maternity Grant, Cash Award, Scholarship

9 Kerala Abkari Labor Welfare Fund Ex-gratia Disbursement Scholarship, Pension, Loans, Advances, Gratuity

10 Kerala Agricultural Workers Welfare Fund Pension, death benefit, medical aid, educational scholarship, house maintenance, purchase of agricultural land, marriage of daughters, insurance, maternity expenses , loan for appliances such as washing machines

11 Kerala Autorickshaw Workers Welfare Fund Retirement Benefit, Death Benefit, Loan to Buy Autorickshaw, Medical Treatment, Education, Marriage of Daughters, Home Construction Stamps of all

12 underwriters Vendors’ welfare fund death benefit and retirement benefit

13 Lottery Agents’ Welfare Fund Assistance for death benefits, healthcare, scholarships, housing construction and vehicle purchase

14 Kerala Khadi Workers Welfare Fund Pension, medical aid, educational benefits and social security programs.

15 Kerala Fishermen Welfare Fund Group Insurance, Non-accidental Death Benefit, Daughters Marriage Benefit, Dependents’ Death Expenses, Old Age Pension, Temporary Disability Benefit due to Accident, Home Insurance, Kattamaram and Country Boat Insurance, Death Expenses

16 Kerala Cashew Workers Welfare Fund

17 Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Fund 18 Timber Workers Welfare Fund (Department of Labour)

19 Traders Welfare Fund

Various welfare schemes

Name of the sequence scheme

No 1 Scholarship for physically challenged students

2 Centered Scholarship for physically challenged students

3 Scholarships for mentally challenged students

4 Stipend for Vocational Training (State) for physically challenged

5 Central Scholarship for the physically challenged

6 Financial assistance scheme for deserving advocates

7 Centralized scheme to purchase equipment for the physically challenged

8 Housing assistance scheme for the physically challenged

Major Pension Schemes

1 Agricultural Labor Pension

2 Widow Pension

3 Pension for the physically challenged

4 Pension for the mentally challenged

5 National Old Age Pension

6 Pension for unmarried women above 50 years

7 Unemployment Wages