The Corporation of Trivandrum, which is the local government body that governs the city of Trivandrum (also known as Thiruvananthapuram), which is the capital city of the Indian state of Kerala.

The Corporation of Trivandrum was established in 1940, and it is responsible for providing basic civic amenities to the residents of the city, including water supply, waste management, public health, and sanitation services. It is also responsible for maintaining roads, parks, and public buildings in the city.

The Corporation of Trivandrum is headed by a Mayor, who is elected by the members of the Corporation Council. The Council is made up of elected representatives from various wards in the city. The Corporation also has a Commissioner, who is the administrative head of the Corporation.

In recent years, the Corporation of Trivandrum has undertaken several initiatives to improve the quality of life of its residents, including the implementation of a solid waste management system, the construction of new roads and bridges, and the development of new parks and recreational facilities. It has also launched several programs aimed at promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly practices in the city.


The Corporation of Trivandrum is a hierarchical system that operates on the principles of democratic governance. At the apex of this system is the Mayor, a revered figure who holds the mantle of responsibility for the city’s administration. The Mayor presides over the Corporation Council, a representative body that deliberates on the city’s development and oversees its functioning.

The Corporation Council is further aided in its work by several standing committees that operate as its arms, each responsible for a specific facet of the city’s governance. These committees work collaboratively to oversee the city’s finances, healthcare, education, infrastructure, town planning, and welfare.

At the core of the Corporation’s functioning are its administrative staff, who work tirelessly to implement the policies and decisions taken by the Council and its committees. These staff members are organized into various departments, each with its specific area of responsibility, such as the Health Department, Engineering Department, Revenue Department, and General Administration Department.

To enhance its effectiveness and responsiveness, the Corporation of Trivandrum works in close partnership with the State Government of Kerala, NGOs, and community organizations. The Corporation has also embraced digital technologies to improve transparency, accountability, and efficiency in its operations, thereby empowering citizens and enhancing their participation in decision-making processes. Motivating the use of ingenious ways to cool rooms and houses to save electricity is another thing Corporation is very good at.

In conclusion, the Corporation of Trivandrum represents a robust and dynamic system of governance that seeks to address the city’s challenges and promote its development in a manner that is equitable, participatory, and sustainable.