Agriculture, irrigation and allied sectors.

Agricultural Development Offices in the city

Agricultural Houses 1. Attipra, 2 Ullur, 3 Kadakampally, 4 Thiruvallam, 5 Nemam, 6 Agricultural Knowledge

Development Center (Palayam) Akkulam Kayal, Velikayal and Vellayani Kayal are in the city limits. There are more than sixty ponds in the city.

Ponds in Thiruvananthapuram city

Ward: Name of the ponds:

Medical College Cherukarakonam Kulam, Veilurkonam Kulam

the kite

Kavanthurkonam Pool, Koonam Pool

Kesavadasapuram Alappuram Pool, Korakulam

Kukankonam Chirakkulam

Kavadiyar Vellayamkulam, Kochukulam, Perumkulam, Srikrishna Swami Temple Pool

Vattiyoorkao Avutankotu Pond, Kaipirikonam Pond, Konathu Pond, Ramarotukonam Pond, Nalliyoorkonam Pond, Toppin Pond

Pangod Kulathinkara Pond

Tirumala Kavu Pool, Kottaram Pool, Ilipod Pool, Vayaikonam Pool, Konattukulam, Kakotukonam Pool, Alappuram Theleebhaga, Kalmalakonam.

Kanjirampara Melarikonathu Pond

Nanthankode Charachira Pond, Pandit Colony Pond

Jagati Jagati Pond

Poojapura Konathukulam, Chitturkonam Pond, Chenthirampad Pond, Koturkonam Pond

Thrikannapuram Pazhavoor Pond, Mathil Pond, Kotukonam Pond, Njalikonam Pond, Thrikannapuram Pond

Mudavan Mughal Kollamkulam, Lankakulam

Nedungad Chilanthivila Pond

Vanchiyur Rishimangalam Pond

Kaladi Kaladikuam Palkulangara

Palkulangara Kshetakulam

Atukal Atukal temple pond

Kuriyathi Shinkarathop Pond

Srivaraham Srivaraham Temple Pool, Sripadmanabhaswamy Temple Pool, Sri Manikantheswara Temple Pool, Vishchikota Pool Punnakkathopukulam, Narayanankulam, Erumala Thoppukulam Kadakampally Anayara Pond, Kakottu Walking Pond, Cheriyakulam Anamugam Paingachirakulam

Thiruvallam Deepwater Pond

Vellar Nedumam Pond

Poonkulam Vellayani Kayal

Agriculture and Irrigation

Although more than half of the population of Thiruvananthapuram district is generally dependent on agriculture, the situation is not the same in the city. According to the 2001 census report, the number of people engaged in various major sub-occupations is 248054. Of this, 6.8% are farmers, 12.5% ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural workers, 6.3% workers in household (cottage) industries and 74.4% in other sectors. Paddy cultivation is confined to a few wards of the city. It can be said that the major paddy fields were in Punchakari, Akishkekari, Vellayani, Koliakode, Nemam, Aiyruppara, Kolothumkara, Kalapattukari, Atipra, Karamankulam, Pangod, Thrikannapuram and Arannur. Nellikuzhi Ela, Anayara Ela and Karikakam Ela have been filled. Due to the fact that rice cultivation is not profitable and the utilization of the land for other purposes has increased, the rice fields have been replaced by banana, coconut etc.

Coconut cultivation is widely found in all regions. The main agricultural income in the coastal wards is from coconut cultivation. A large number of cassava, banana and vegetables are grown in the former panchayat areas attached to the city. It is seen that 50 percent of the total agricultural land in this region is used for agriculture. At the beginning of the Ninth Plan, only 10% of the land within the city limits was devoted to agriculture. By the end of the 9th Plan, the area under paddy cultivation had increased to 144 hectares. Coconut cultivation has increased from 3653 hectares to 8000 hectares. increased to The number of farmers increased.

An Agricultural Knowledge Trade Marketing Center has been functioning in the city since 1998-99 to help the farmers in scientific farming method, to make the common people interested in agriculture by imparting necessary knowledge and to help in marketing of agricultural produce. Rent out marketing centers at affordable rates to farmers in various wards, organize ward-wise classes to impart knowledge to farmers on scientific methods of farming, distribute saplings, seeds and fertilizers. Activities such as plant protection are carried out in this centre.


Velikayal: 5 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Located to the north of Mi. 1 km long and 0.8 km. It is also wide.

Parvathi Puthanaar connects the Parvathi Puthanaar with the Parvathi Puthanaar which connects the Parvathi backwater to the Velikayal.

Anchuteng Reservoir: Vamanapuram river falls in this reservoir. 20 sq. K. This embankment has a big area.


Fisheries sector contributes two percent of the state’s revenue. Fishing, processing and distribution provide livelihood to three percent of the state’s population. The coastal wards of the city are Pallithura, Poundkadav, Vettukad, Shankhummugam, Valiyathura – Vallakadav, Bimapalli, Poonthura, Pachallur and Vellar. A skilled workforce traditionally engaged in fishing, demand for fish to the people, processing and distribution of this industry has tremendous potential for development. But the socio-economic status and quality of life of a significant section of the community that earns its livelihood through fishing remains backward compared to the rest of the population in the state. It is estimated that there are around 500 motorized boats and 2000 traditional craft within our city limits. Most of the traditional vessels are seine rods. Ring nets, koruwala, boatsine, mini-troll hand nets, gill nets, drift nets, trawl nets, drift nets, baits etc. are popular tools here.

None of the registered iceplants in the city are owned by fishermen. The three agencies working in the field of fish production and marketing are (1) Department of Fisheries (2) Matsya Fed (3) Kerala Fishermen Welfare Board. Objective About two thousand fisherwomen are involved in fish marketing in the city. There are about a thousand men in this field.

IT (Information Technology)

The municipality has acquired 3450 square feet of land at Safaliam shopping complex in Palayam on a 99-year lease for setting up a hi-tech center in the city. Out of this, 2739 sq. ft. of space has been allotted for setting up Janasevana Kendra (Friends) as per the requirement of the state government. An internet cafe has been started in the remaining 711 sq. ft. space to provide internet facilities to the city dwellers at a low cost.

Computer Training Center is an institution started by Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation in 1998-99 as a part of Janakiya Sutra project. Here teaching and examination is being conducted from the very first day by the ER of the Central Government. & d. C. I (now CIDAC) is an organization. Also, Ponnara Sridhar Memorial School, Konchiravila Govt. U.P. School, Samdarshini Library & Cultural Centre, Asan Memorial Library, Chaka Y. M. Computer classes are conducted in A library with necessary approval as requested by the respective counselors. These classes are conducted by charging a nominal fee. The Municipal Corporation has started Computer Hardware Centers at Zonal Offices in Attipra and Thiruvalla.

Public buildings

An important source of revenue for any local government is the revenue from the local government’s own buildings. However, the municipality sees public buildings as a public service activity rather than a source of income. It is in this perspective that the Municipal Corporation started including the public building category in the project document for the first time in the 1999-2000 project year. In the plan year 1999-2000, 12 projects were taken up for the first time and initial work started. A total of Rs.5901000 has been set aside from the project allocation for this purpose. But in this section only Rs.3,90,000/- could be spent on SAT dormitory. Eight new projects were added during the fourth plan year making the total 19 projects. 3885000/- was earmarked as project allocation in 2000-01. However, out of this, Rs 5,16,000 have been spent on Poojappura Market, Rs 3,70,000 on SAT Dormitory, Rs 3,37,231 on Kannetumuk Market and Rs 1,00,000 on Karimath Community Hall, totaling only Rs 1,345,231. Of the total 39 projects, only Kannetumuk market has been completed.

During this period, no significant work has been done in the public building sections in the area which was currently part of the Corporation and the Panchayat region. But in Thiruvallam panchayat area, a cultural center has been established during this period at a cost of Rs.5 lakhs. Also one Anganwadi has been set up at Poozhikunn, Ponnumangalam and Melangkot. Ullur Marketing Complex has been set up in Ullur Panchayat area at a cost of Rs.11 lakhs. Also one Anganwadi has been set up at Cheruvakal, Akkulam and Edavakkode.

It is important to take care of ambience in public buildings and use of Air Conditioners should not be restricted to the offices of Govt.

In the Ninth Plan (1997-2002), the total expenditure in this category was only Rs. 18,38,617. In the first annual plan of the 10th plan, emphasis was placed on construction of Ullur Dormitory, Perurkada Market, Pangod Market, construction of toilets at various places in the city, Thambanoor Janata Rest Center, construction of Loristant Mati Hotel Complex, construction of Manakkad Market, construction of Jagati Shopping-cum-Mini Auditorium and construction of private bus stand.